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What is BIM²form?

BIM²form is the formwork and scaffolding tool for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the central step towards digital construction site management. BIM²form is an add-in for Autodesk® Revit® and enables automated formwork and scaffolding planning in partial steps for horizontal and vertical cast-in-place concrete components. This automation in partial steps opens up new efficiency for you in the model-oriented planning of temporary construction aids in a continuous BIM workflow.

Why BIM²form?

“Automation in partial steps increases our productivity within the planning process. Due to the multidimensional way of working we can quickly organize information and with just a few clicks, all drawings that are needed by the construction site can be serived easily.”

Huan Hoang

Civil Engineer, Novatec Formwork Systems, Australia

“The planning in a new dimension and the associated possibilities of visual representation has the potential to provide enormous transparency right from the work preparation stage, and to engage all parties involved in the construction process.”

Jan Schwämmle

Civil Engineer, MEVA Formwork Systems, Germany

“BIM²form enables us to carry out automated formwork design in high levels of detail already at an early stage of model-based object planning. The construction sites are thus able to identify and process geometric and temporal bottlenecks on the model early on.”

Christopher Kosel

Head BIM Civil, Implenia AG, Germany

By technicians for technicians

BIM²form is intuitively structured, taking into account the approach of experienced planners.

Efficiency increase

Automatic planning of standard areas in partial steps including placement of all required accessory components.

High quality

Formwork and scaffolding quantities transparently and consistently with full control over the formwork model and an optimal extension to the BIM workflow.

Open Innovation

Users are part of the development team and play a key role in shaping continuous further development.


Easy management of your project and simple export of component lists or the maximum reserve quantity in Excel.

Intelligent content

Parametric nested families for efficient manual planning of the complex areas as well as simple plan derivations through the intelligent content.
Intelligent Human-Machine-Interaction

BIM²form supports and complements your engineering skills perfectly. Besides the possibility of placing parts manually one by one, the add-in offers another level of automation: automation in partial steps. We have consciously decided against full automation in order to combine the highest freedom of designing with the maximum ease of work possible. You can therefore use your expertise as a planner in a targeted manner where things get complex and cleverness is required. Only this way BIM²form can do justice to the complexity of formwork and scaffolding design. In combination with the parametrics of our natively modelled Revit® families, BIM²form becomes a perfect experience of Human-Machine-Interaction. Goodbye, monotonous planning.

Convenient Handling

“By technicians for technicians” is not just a phrase. Due to our years of practical experience in the industry, BIM²form follows the intuitive approach of experienced designers, making it easy and convenient for you to use.

Strong Performance

Despite several 1,000 families in one project, BIM²form shows a strong and fast performance – undefeatable!

Visualise Design Output

Since BIM²form is based on Revit®, the 3D planning alone gives a much more accurate picture of the later construction site. In addition, other Autodesk programs allow for realistic visualisation, which helps you present your great design to your customers.

BIM²form Concept

BIM²form supports users and formwork technicians in their daily work by automatically assigning wall areas in partial steps. The programme works intuitively and in the same way as experienced formwork planners.

First, partial wall types are occupied, as an example: T-wall, corners, and then the formwork is automatically placed between the partial wall types. The combination between automation of complete wall sections and partial automation of accessories during manual processing underlines this increase in efficiency and allows the formwork technicians to focus on value-added activities.


Technicians focus on complex areas where automatic solution generation has limitations. Nevertheless, the BIM²form Content offers optimal support for problem solvers in working out tricky “non-standard areas” with full use of all Revit® standard commands through parameterisations and placement aids.

The parametric BIM²form Content was developed in such a way that it is also ideally suited for floor plan and elevation derivations for traditional plan creation.


The idea behind BIM is as simple as it is ingenious: all the information of the construction project is collected, coordinated and harmonised in a database together with a three-dimensional model. This provides the corresponding added value in the course of the construction work.

On the construction site, this information can be accessed via the tablet. Each cycle is available separately in its own view and thus comes directly from the planner to the construction site. Relevant data can be retrieved quickly and easily.

Digital into the future. The advantages of this consistent planning are obvious for contractors. We see great advantages in the digital way of working and will use the knowledge gained to further optimise these possibilities in a targeted manner in the future.

Open Innovation

For Users

To live up to our principle “by technicians for technicians”, BIM²form is developed in an Open Innovation environment. As a user, you are therefore an important part of the team and actively involved in the development process, so that not only our know-how but more importantly your feedback is incorporated into BIM²form. We develop agilely according to the Scrum method, which means that user requests are integrated within short intervals and the result is released in regular cycles. As a result, BIM²form becomes exactly the tool that makes your daily work easier and is easy and intuitive to use.

We would like to live a cooperative relationship with our users on an even level. Therefore, there is always the possibility to contribute your ideas for further development by submitting suggestions. You can do this by simply using our contact form.

For Manufacturers and Partners

With BIM²form, we would like to offer users a neutral platform in which they can design temporary components digitally in 3D and easily integrate the plans into the BIM workflow, regardless of the software environment. As a manufacturer, you can benefit from our algorithm by adding your portfolio to it. This way you offer your customers the possibility to design your products in 3D.

You get all the support you need from us. In regular intervals we discuss the current status of the development and further procedure, so that the project process always remains transparent.

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