🌸 Spring has sprung and with it our latest release, BIM²form 24.2! 🌸

After a restoring winter break, BIM²form is here with version 24.2! Get ready to dive into the profoundness of the enhanced features it brings:

  • 🌟 NEW MANUFACTURER ON THE PLATFORM: We’re excited to welcome Uni-Span joining the BIM²form manufacturer pool! Together we implemented their first wall formwork system UniLite, empowering users with streamlined formwork design capabilities and the distinctive automations of BIM²form Wall.
  • 💡 BIM²form FOR ALLPLAN: Our ongoing collaboration with #ALLPLAN brings you #PeriTrio as the latest addition to BIM²form for Allplan, further expanding your options for precise design!
  • 📊 ENHANCED EXPORT: Now, enjoy exported data with English headings in Excel columns, when Revit is set to languages other than German.
  • 📐🔍 IMPROVED GEOMETRY RECOGNITION: Experience smoother workflows with enhanced shape recognition, enabling BIM²form to place formwork on walls with sloped upper edges, on raised walls from the floor, as well as advanced detection of different Part Wall Types – even when they have multiple wall heights.
  • 🔄 NEW FUNCTIONS: Lying Extensions and Cycle Connections are now available for PERI wall systems, enhancing versatility and efficiency in the design of your formwork projects!
  • 📚 NEW PERI SYSTEMS & LIBRARY CONTENT: Explore new PERI systems such as SKYMAX, PERI UP Flex 1 & 2, RAPID, and RUNDFLEX, alongside additional families for manual placement like PERI UP Reinforcement Scaffoldings. Now officially available for existing users and those who want to become one.

🍃 Embrace the possibilities of BIM²form and use the momentum of the new season to infuse your project design with fresh energy!

🔊 Don’t keep this exciting news to yourself – share it with your fellow designers, drafters, and construction visionaries!-

Hands on! Download the latest trial version here:

We hope you enjoy working with it just as much as we do! Happy designing! 🛠️

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