Welcome to the square, uni-span! 🤝🎉

We are thrilled to proudly announce the latest addition to our esteemed network of manufacturers for BIM²form partnering with the South Africa-based formwork manufacturer Uni-Span! 🌍🏗️

Uni-Span is the fourth manufacturer to join our platform-based Revit solution BIM²form with its first implemented wall formwork system #UniLite with all the basic automations of BIM²form Wall. 🔨💻-

Whether you’re designing residential, commercial, or industrial projects, Uni-Span´s systems seamlessly integrate into your 3D workflows, ensuring precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness at every stage.

With a commitment to innovation and quality, BIM² and Uni-Span bring a joint wealth of expertise to users, who can now experience the benefits of quick and effortless formwork design. 💡🛠️

Ready to elevate your projects to the next level?

Explore the possibilities of BIM²form with Uni-Span and start #BuildingInNewDimensions!

Register and download your trial version here 👇


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