Unwrapping Your BIM²form Gift: Our Saint Nicholas Day Surprise! 🎁

“Ho, ho, Designers! 🎅 Our team has been working around the clock (and maybe a few midnight chimney descents) and we’re thrilled to unwrap our latest BIM²form version 23.4 just in time for Saint Nicholas Day! 🎉

🎁 What’s in the digital shoe? 👢

  • BIM²form for Revit 2024: BIM²form now seamlessly integrates with #Revit 2024. Say goodbye to compatibility hiccups and hello to streamlined workflows.

  • BIM²form for Allplan: We’ve collaborated with #ALLPLAN to create the magic for their users too! BIM²form is now available for Allplan 2024, making #formwork design easy!

  • “All Intersections” Command: With this new command, you can place formwork intersections faster than Saint Nicholas navigating chimneys.

  • Lying Extensions: Our elves (okay, developers) have added “Lying Extensions” to the forming commands for #MEVA systems. It’s like getting more cookies from the same amount of dough.

  • Bug Fixes: We’ve sprinkled some extra sparkles onto our features and removed some bugs. Your BIM²form experience is now as glitch-free as a starlit night.

The new version is not just a gift; it’s a game-changer! 🏗️🔧

🎅 Spread the Joy: Share this update with your fellow designers, drafters, and construction visionaries. Let’s make this Saint Nicholas Day unforgettable! 🌟

Remember, even Saint Nicholas would give us a thumbs-up for this release! 😉👍

May your designs be as sturdy as a well-constructed gingerbread house! 🏠