📯📰 BIM²form NEWS

 Our new update is now available! Your daily work will be even more simplified with some helpful enhancements to our commands that we provide with the updated version. Here´s what´s new 🆕

The Forming command now recognizes existing walls from previous cycles, which allows you to design cycle connections by connecting wall segments lengthwise and crosswise.

When working on big projects you may use project specific individually nested groups. In response to your wishes we extended the command ‘Change Group Phases’ to now change the phase of every family within such individual nested groups.

But sometimes, the program still just doesn´t give the design output that satisfies you. That´s why we have a section for placing certain elements manually within a few clicks. You can now even place single accessories like Alignment Rails by choosing exact Points on the panels, so the design will come out just as you wish.

As annoying as insects can be in real life, bugs are also in software. That´s why our team is always working on fixing them for you.

To finish up the list, there are also additional formwork systems available for you. If you want to know more about them and all the other improvements subscribe to our quarterly Update Newsletter on our website so you don´t miss out on further details!

Sign up for your 14 days free trial of BIM²form HERE.

Looking forward to the upcoming release where we are planning to release lying top-ups. Stay tuned!

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