Since our Slab feature has been released a few months ago you may be wondering how the development is going to continue further.

With the context of our open innovation approach and in regards to transparency being something we value we would like to share some insights into our enhancements planned regarding the BIM²form Slab functions.

The future versions will continue even better design options for flex slab formwork with a focus on the optimized placement of primary and secondary beams. This shall also include the possibility to use the functions for the support of prefabricated slabs, where only primary beams including props will be placed, mainly in closed rooms.

We are also planning on adding design options to work with joists, slab offsets and overhanging slab edges to meet your specific project requirements and make BIM²form Slab more convenient.

And for fans of MEVA´s modular flex slab formwork MevaDec, we are already working on including the drop-head-beam method.

If you read until here and think none of the new functions is beneficial for you, you might be wrong. We´ll give you a sneak peek: New slab options will also be included for new manufacturers coming soon. ?

In conclusion: stay curious, we got a lot of new functions to come!

To stay updated follow our LinkedIn page and check our website and YouTube for more details about the current slab features.
Contact us, we´d love to hear your feedback and send us a request for your 14 days free trial of BIM²form and experience the benefits of BIM²form yourself!

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